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We walk Monty very late at night now, because there are very few dogs out wandering around loose, late at night.
Two nights ago, we were up by the water tower and she was nosing around in the gutter looking for food because we STARVE HER MERCILESSLY she's only gained 12 kilograms since she started living here after all, and we noticed her jump back and then start nosing at something.
It was a small garter snake that was stuck in the gutter: not long enough to climb up the curb.
I tried to grab it. Between the darkness and her head in the way I got something closer to its tail than its head and as I swung it up out of the gutter it twisted around and tried to bite me. Not effectively: too small a mouth. But it startled me enough that I kind of threw it. Monty thought that was a great game.
Tonight, in the same place, she started snuffling at something that I thought was a bit of trash, and it squawked. It was a fledgling, all black feathers and an enormous wide beak/mouth. I picked it up and stuck it in some bushes immediately above where it was so it wouldn't be quite as easy for the foxes and coyotes that come out at 2 AM.

Date: 2017-06-16 06:08 am (UTC)
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When I take the dogs for a walk, Zorro always uses it as an opportunity to look for anything edible she can find, too.

When I was trimming the bushes a few days ago, something nearby started making a strange buzzing noise. It was only a young bird, that I must have frightened. So then I avoided that bush.

Date: 2017-06-16 12:42 pm (UTC)
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Two days ago Chun Woo saw a large gopher snake, which excited him a lot. (So I told him how admirable gopher snakes are. He already knows that I like snakes, and critters-in-general.)


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