Apr. 6th, 2017

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My coworker moved way up into the mountains.
Then he bought a ton of chickens.
He has a bobcat after his chickens, so he had to fence the whole thing in with heavy-duty fencing. A bear lifted the entire coop off its foundation so he had to rebuild that out of 5mm steel welded together.
The other day he had a golden eagle trying to break in where the bobcat had torn the fencing.
I think nature is trying to tell him something, but he is not listening.

His innate racism has been emboldened in the last couple of months. He's dead-set against immigrants. He's half-Japanese; his mother moved here in 1950. Somehow that doesn't count.

What else. I've been riding a ton. My doctor is worried about my cholesterol, and has implied he thinks my weight may have a part to play in it. I think I can get down below 6% bodyfat again, like I was two years ago, and convince him that he's using lemon metrics.

The 3d printing craze is huge at work. Five people with them, four who just acquired one in the last three months (aforementioned coworker in the woods being the other, who has had one for five years.) We're all bringing in our latest cool creations. One guy is bringing in sliding-block puzzles, one dubious mathematical shapes like Klein bottles, one is printing skulls and pokemon, and I'm printing car parts.
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btw I am now posting from dreamwidth; content will be identical unless it's political or sexual in nature, in which case it's dreamwidth-only because I don't know what the Russian laws actually say. I'll likely read both for the indefinite future.
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I rode hard Monday, hard enough that I got the feeling that I'd torn some muscle in my ribcage from breathing too hard. My coworker whose brother is a doctor says this is a sign my diaphragm is spasming, from overuse. But, it's still hurting a lot several days later. (Granted, I've ridden hard most of those days.) I feel like I'm getting to the point where I'm accumulating little aches and pains and just sighing and expecting that's how it's going to be from now on, while I poke around ebay looking for more race bike parts.
We went out with a guy who was our manager for a while. He's a natural athlete, but we're practiced, and practice does beat nature. I walked into the bathroom to take a shower afterwards and he was sitting in a chair holding his head in his hands, because he said he was too tired to stand up for long enough to shower.


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