Apr. 11th, 2017

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Follow-up on yesterday's post: I cut a piece of wood at a compound angle so it would snuggle into the angle between the frame rail and the left suspension tower of the Spitfire, allowing the hydraulic jack, which turns out to claim 12 tons on the side, to exert tremendous unstoppable force on the bent-back bumper and frame.
Unfortunately, I forgot that the words "Central Hydraulic", a Harbor Freight house brand, take priority over "12 ton hydraulic jack". I think this thing is maybe capable of a ton and a half, max. Definitely not enough to move bent frame rails.
Back to the drawing board.
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Man, y'all, I went riding at lunch and felt just beat the whole time. I could not stay up with the fast people, and they were taking it easy because they had Crit Fight Club to go battle with in the evening. I have to up my game significantly.
Work is stressful. We're trying to get the project we've been doing for the last fourteen months wrapped up on time, and are desperately hoping the intended customer buys a million of them. (not even slightly an exaggeration, probably a significant underestimate.) That'll keep us afloat for two years, at least. But we are doing well enough we've hired two more of the people from the other department that was sharing our building, which has stopped new development and is now hemorrhaging good engineers.

I was talking to a friend last night about software security, and we got to talking specifically about trying to figure out if someone had screwed with binary blobs. I told her about setting up a prototype system years ago, where system 1 had hashes for all the main binary blobs on system 2's disc and would request that system 2 do hashes and send them over for comparison every now and then. My friend was on about how now the big challenge is handling software that patches running instances of interpreted code, rather than modifying binaries. That got me to thinking about how an operating system defines a memory space that contains executable code, so I spent some time reading about that today. Man, totally in over my head, but it was interesting reading.


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