May. 11th, 2017

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Since [personal profile] threemeninaboat's car is on indefinite hiatus, what with its bashed-in windows and smashed-up exterior, she drove the Spitfire to work today. Hooray! I texted her to find out how it was going, and she said it was great. I came home and was out walking the dog when she called: she couldn't get the seatbelt to come out. It was retracted and refused to extend.
I forced Monty into actual rapid walking, got home, and drove over, by which time she had half the seatbelt assembly out. (On this car, it's pretty exposed, since I replaced the original circa 1975 seatbelts, that were half rotted and only lap belts, with three-point shoulder belts that hook into the roll bar mounting points with massive bolts.) The point was to trade the seat belts side-to-side, since the passenger one worked. I helped her finish that up... and the passenger one, that has always worked perfectly, didn't work either. ARRRGH. I took it back out and played with it until it did work, we stretched it all the way out, installed it, she sat down, and we stuck the other end in the receptacle and she drove home.
While I was sitting at home playing with the one that failed, it started working again.
These are set up very carefully so that the latching mechanism that engages in a crash cancels out gravity: if it's tilted (like the car's in the process of turning over) it automatically engages fully to prevent the person falling out.
She was parked on a steep angle.
The seatbelts were just doing what they were designed to do. Turns out if you park on an angle that is the sort you regularly encounter, they decide you're crashing and lock up.
I think I'm getting non-retractable three-point seatbelts to replace them.


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