May. 18th, 2017

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I think there should be a word for the skill of being really good at being really terrible at something. Like, extraordinarily talented at screwing up.
We were out playing Ingress tonight, and were sitting at the library, when we heard a sort of distant noise that sounded like someone dialing a phone and then answering a 911 emergency call.
Well, it wasn't MY phone. It wasn't [personal profile] threemeninaboat's phone.
I have a heart rate monitor. It talks to a dedicated cellphone. If I push the power button on the cellphone, it'll turn on and present me with a screen where I can ask it to log information, by pushing an active area in the bottom 1/10 of the screen. In the screen after that, if I push in the top 1/40 of the screen, it'll call 911.
It did that in my pocket. Three sequential button pushes in the right places within about 30 seconds of each other.

BUT! I did learn, through playing with it, that the only way to start the sequence is to push the power button on the top. Tomorrow I'm folding up a little metal cover to go over that button, that I will duct-tape securely onto the phone such that it is physically impossible to push the power button without removing the duct tape.
Until such time as I somehow manage to figure out how to defeat that through devious pocket karate.


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